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The idea…

Catherine haCat_Gamev2s been involved in playing board games for several years now and enjoys bringing along a game or two when visiting relatives and friends.  During one of her trips to a relative’s house, Catherine realized that her uncle, who is blind, always had to adapt to the games being played.  He was always at some sort of disadvantage because of his lack of vision.  This set Catherine off on a journey to develop a game where being blind was REQUIRED for the game; a game where blind individuals might actually have the upper hand! Thus the game of Nyctophobia was born.  While the game still requires one sighted person to play the role of the game master (aka The Hunter), the rest of the players can be blind OR sighted but playing with blacked out glasses or a blind fold.  Some people like the total sensory deprivation of a blind fold while others prefer to wear the blacked out glasses.