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The Rules


Nyctophobia is a cooperative tactile maze game for 3 to 5 players. All but one of the players will play the game blindfolded, completely unable to see the board. The blinded players make up the Hunted team. They are tasked with finding the car space on the board and surviving until the police arrive to rescue them. The sighted player is the Hunter. He or she is tasked with chasing down the Hunted and reducing one of the Hunted to zero health before the police arrive.

The Hunted turns consist of two parts. A 2 space mandatory movement and an optional action. Some actions include throwing rocks and hiding from the Hunter. Throughout the Hunted’s turn, he is allowed to feel into any adjacent spaces to help navigate the forest. Aside from these actions, players may select player roles that allow them to have unique abilities. Some of these abilities include hoping over trees and moving extra spaces. Once all the Hunted players have their turns, its the Hunter’s turn.

The Hunter is controlled by a deck of cards. The Hunter will choose between 1 of the 2 cards in his or her hand and resolve it. Each different card allows for special abilities such as cutting down trees or moving extra spaces. The Hunter is limited though. If the players have taken actions that create noise, the Hunter will be forced to travel towards the noise.

Once the Hunted have found the car and survived until help arrived, or one of the Hunted has no more health the game ends. The Hunted will win if they have survived while the Hunter will win if one Hunted died.