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Player Feedback

If you’ve playtested Nyctophobia AS A BLIND PLAYER please provide feedback regarding your experience.


Length of game play


Player Count: How many people played the game?  Please include the Game Master


Game Duration:  How many minutes did it take to play the game?

Interactivity: Was the game interactive. Did you interactive with other players and/or the Game Master?

Ease of learning: How difficult was it to learn the rules and play?

Originality: How original do you think the game concept is?


Game decisions: How many decisions did you have to make during the game?


Fun/Enjoyable: Was the game fun or enjoyable to play?

Player down time: Please rate the amount of time between turns. The amount of time from when you moved till it was your turn again.

Result: Did you win or lose the game?

Predictability: Was the end game predictable? Did you know what was going to happen?

Replay: Would you play this game again?

Purchase: Would you buy this game if it was available for sale?

Modification: What is one thing you would change about this game?

Favorite Moment: What was your favorite part of the game? Was there a moment in the game that stood out in your mind?

Tactile feedback: How do you feel about the tactile aspect of the game? For instance, did you like the way the board felt, were the edges smooth and easy to identify or was the board smooth or rough?  Please select all statements that you agree with

Additional Comments: Please provide any additional feedback you may have regarding the game. All feed back , both positive and negative is valuable, so please let us know what you think.