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Action Shots

Catherine drilling holes for the new wooden board with the drill pressCreating the second generation of the board game.  (The first generation was a piece of cardboard with holes cut in it) I showed Catherine how to use the drill press and then turned her loose to drill what seemed like 4 thousand holes!






Three UnPub players try out the game for the first time. A woman is reaching her hand across the board to touch her piece.The big reveal at UnPub in Baltimore!  It was a great sign when a group of players snuck in early and came straight to the table because they read about the game in the program and they wanted to be the first to play!







An above shot of the green painted wooden board at Unpub. A player's hand is perched atop their piece, her arm blocking the view of most of the board. A shot from above as people feel their way through the game while trying to avoid the ax wielding madman who wants to kill them!







A close shot of a 3D printed board. The player pieces all with different tactile tops are scattered between small tree silhouette walls.The newly 3D printed board that was so kindly printed by a good friend of ours.  This picture shows some of the sample walls we were experimenting with.




A farther shot of the board. Groves are seen between each player hole space to prevent the tree walls from spinningAnother picture of the new 3D printed board





Playtest with Uncle Mike while the Hunter takes her turn moving the Hunter a few spaces towards the other players.Play testing with Uncle Mike (the inspiration of the game) along with Mom, Michaela, Lizzy and Aunt Maira





A close shot as a player takes their turn. The players are all spread out around the board.A close up view of the new board along with the new tree shaped walls





Overhead view while Michaela takes her turn. Aside from tress, nothing is near.Another view of the board as Michaela decides which way she’s going to move.





A far shot with Lizzy feeling around her space trying to decide where to goLizzy contemplating her move.  She’s not sure how far away the ax wielding mad man is and she doesn’t know where the car is either!!!







Lizzy doesn't feel the car token next to her and moves a space awayMore contemplating.  She doesn’t realize she right next to the car/safe zone!  Oh so close!!!








Lizzy and Micheala sit with closed eyes trying to visualize the boardA full five person game. This marks only the second time Blind Uncle Mike has gotten to play.


The Hunter helps guide a player's hand to their piece Another full 5 person game. Except for the Hunter, they are all first time players and non-gamers.


A player's hand it on their piece, while a teammate's piece is only one space away The players were so close and didn’t even realize it.


A boy has his hand on his piece and feels around looking for which way to go Some more playtesting. The first of a few games after changing the way player turns work.


The player holds the top of his piece which is in the middle of nowhere on the board Neighbor Mike, who was kind enough to print a board without being asked, navigating the forest in search of the car.o