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Moderator Feedback

If you’ve playtested Nyctophobia AS THE MODERATOR please provide feedback regarding your experience.


Length of game play

Player Count: How many people played the game? Please include the Moderator

Game Duration: How many minutes did it take to play the game?

Interactivity: Was the game interactive? Did you interactive with other players?

Ease of learning: How difficult was it to learn the rules and play?

Ease of learning: Did you utilize the Moderator Quick Guide?

Originality: How original do you think the game concept is?

AI deck: How did you find the action instructions?

AI deck: How would you describe the Hunter's actions?

Fun/Enjoyable: Was the game fun or enjoyable to play?

Result: Did you win or lose the game?

Predictability: Was the end game predictable? Did you know what was going to happen?

Replay: Would you play this game again?

Purchase: Would you buy this game if it was available for sale?

Modification: What is one thing you would change about this game?

Favorite Moment: What was your favorite part of the game? Was there a moment in the game that stood out in your mind?

Additional Comments: Please provide any additional feedback you may have regarding the game. All feed back , both positive and negative is valuable, so please let us know what you think.